How Voice Search will Change Digital Marketing?

Voice search is one of the most trending and important technologies right now. People are using it almost regularly in their daily life from searching for anything on the phone. Two of the newest products people are getting crazy over are the amazons echo and google home. Voice technology is not exactly new, but it is getting perfected over time. Companies are trying to make it better with more accurate output, making voice technology more strong and likely more durable in the market.

Because of all these reasons, businesses are nowadays incorporating this technology in their digital marketing sector for better interaction and traffic. Voice search technology is emerging as a crucial technology not just for daily work but also for business purposes, providing a significant benefit to any company using it.

This technology keeps getting better and will surely change the way digital marketing is now. The voice search marketing trend is developing into a significant part of the field, with digital marketers taking it very seriously as an opportunity for growth and holding the market. Some of how voice search will change digital marketing are:

1. Voice search completely changes customer experience- Voice search is not about just being present as a technology. It is mainly about the unique and enhanced experience that the consumers get by using the product. The improvement in the technology and the more developed accuracy have tried to make the experience a little more personal, fostering brand loyalty and building relationships. The technology is trying to perfect voice recognition too, which makes the customers feel more prioritized.

Voice search is also more time-saving than text-based searches, which have been a hit with the consumers who are busy in their daily life and want accurate performance and are satisfied by the brand the first time. Voice technology can also interact with brands or searches more naturally, which increases brand loyalty with the customer based on the seamless experience the customer had.

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Voice search is not brand new, but people are getting more comfortable with it.
Voice technology is not exactly new as it goes back to the late 1950s, but voice strategy is trending a lot, and the experience is improving. It is progressing at a faster speed to be more user friendly and accurate. Voice search is being used more often, with consumers getting more comfortable using it. Since the consumers are getting more used to voice technology recently, it may be said that voice strategy is here to stay for some time and will keep improving and make people’s lives easier. The two primary examples of the voice search technology that are ruling the market are:

  • Googles – Google Home
  • Amazons – Amazon Alexa

Understanding the competition too– As discussed above, understanding voice search marketing in 2020 and technology is not equal to just going with the trend. Technologies make the life of consumers and businesses easy- the faster a business can adapt to the technology, the better it will grow, putting them ahead of their competitors.

The voice search technology is not just for the customers to find your company; it also prevents consumers from going over to the competition. Being competitive when it comes to any SEO strategy is necessary for any company to have the best ranks in any search engine to increase the traffic. The voice search is becoming an integral part of the SEO service so that consumers get the best result for tier searches.

Voice search to increase audience – Although voice search is not fully developed and is in the process of getting better and more accurate, many businesses are using it to keep pace with the market and trend. The companies not using this technology to drive in more traffic are falling behind since they are losing a lot of audiences just like SEO voice search when as results also different links for the reference.

For businesses, it is the same as SEO, but due to more accurate and smooth operation, there is an increase in the traffic. Customers like specific answers to their queries. In this case, the content matters a lot to optimize the voice search to increase customers and chances to get the page at the top so that these consumers can get to the page first. Also, improving the website’s loading time can contribute to a better audience set as no one likes pages that take a lot of time to open or process.

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The market will be more mobile-friendly– As people are increasingly incorporating mobiles for almost everything nowadays, starting from significant tasks to the simplest of jobs. Everything is turning into mobile friendly to hold their position in the market.

The increased usage of mobile phones makes companies work on ideas to make their websites mobile-friendly or incorporate the strategies in ways to be easily searched on phones. Voice search is an ever-present feature in all smartphones. This makes it beneficial for the businesses to improve their websites to get the best rankings and work on their content to be easily found by the users.

Featured snippets– Voice search always gives specific search results based on the audience’s demand. In this case, having a featured snippet will be very beneficial for SEO and the company. A featured snippet is an answer which is saved for the consumer’s queries. They are the top results for the science’s search. The featured snippet was introduced by Google to cater to the on-the-go searches and voice search. Google home or assistant shows the featured snippets when they are asked something. So it makes it worthwhile for any company to work for that “position zero”. To do this, it is essential.

  • Answers should be compact and understandable by the audience.
  • Answer very particular questions
  • Keep the website well optimized; the content should be gripping and optimized as well.

The artificial intelligence used– artificial intelligence is making a major contribution to voice search technology. Both are developing to make the voice search even more accurate and specifically designed to the consumers’ needs and analyze what the consumer wants. Artificial intelligence is also getting used in voice searches.

The AI in the devices is one of the main help for the voice search as it helps in speech recognition and understands what the user wants. Since the AI factor is becoming more accurate in understanding and analyzing what the customer wants and making the search experience more accurate, the demands are skyrocketing.

The whole tone of searches is going to change– With the voice search developing more, the searches’ voice tone is changing too. Searches are done more in a conversational tone nowadays. Voice tech is developing so that there is no confusion, and the system can easily understand natural language or the user’s conversational tone.

The text searches have turned into long-tailed question queries for the voice search to understand the voice tone and question more accurately. The marketers need to reevaluate how they create and optimize content for the doubts and work on keywords. It will ensure that the website ranks better in the voice search and perhaps earn the featured snippets.

Voice search is changing the SEO style– voice search is very slowly getting incorporated into digital marketing. This natural language becomes an integral part and technique used in most of the work done there. In psychology, people react differently while using a voice search than when using a text search.

With voice search, consumers don’t see the full search engine page to decide which page to go on. It only shows the top results, making it more competitive as businesses will no longer work for just a place in the search engine result. They will be trying to get the top spots, so most of the required customers could see their page.

It also makes sense to restructure the content. To work on the keywords according to the demand. Optimizing the content with elaborate and rich answers. Having a long tail keyword is always better for voice search technology. The voice search SEO is slowly adapting to the way the technology is going and is trying to make changes to attract more customers.

Local search- With voice search becoming an integral part of digital marketing, the local searches are increasing. Local SEO is the central part of the future; it means even local marketers will be benefiting a lot from the voice search as it has put them on the map of every user daily needed apps and software.

One of the voice search marketing examples is the Google map, where now if the phrase “restaurants near me” is asked, the maps show a lot of options and almost every restaurant near you and its details. Every business starting from small to big uses digital marketing to get more customers, with voice search proving to be an essential tool for every business.


The voice is one of the most integral parts of the market and also for marketers. According to a survey, 20% of Google searches are done by voice technology. Since it is still in a developing stage, major future possibilities are being expected from the voice search, both in terms of new ways of making human lives easier and giving better direction and growth to the companies using it.

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