10 Reasons We Need A Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing, as the name suggests, is marketing through a digital medium such as social media, search engines, websites, etc. It allows companies to advertise their products and brands through these digital media to interact and get more consumers. To get the maximum optimal results through digital marketing, it is very important to have a digital marketing strategy.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a plan of action that is created to achieve business objectives and aims. It is a basic diagram set to achieve long term goals. It is made by analyzing the needs of the company and its requirements from marketing. It is very important to have a digital marketing strategy to increase the effectiveness and also to get the best results.

Types of Digital Marketing Strategy

There are several digital marketing strategies to be considered in 2020

  • Social media marketing– It is the use of different social media platforms to market a company’s products and services. It is a very good way of enhancing the brand value of the company. It helps to connect to the existing market or customers and also brings new clients. Engaging with consumers has become very easy as you can know how they feel about your products and services through feedback. Also, the consumers will always have fast updates about the company through the contents and social media advertisements done by the company. Since social media platforms are playing a major role these days, the use of these platforms has become important to drive sales and increase traffic. The major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, You-tube, and Snapchat.
  • Content marketingContent marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on creating, distributing, and publishing particular content for the target audience to generate leads which in turn increases the conversion rate. The 3 benefits of content marketing are that
  • It increases sales as the content increases the audience and leads.
  • It is much more cost-saving.
  • Helps in creating a more loyal customer base. Content plays perhaps the most important role when engaging with a customer as it speaks a lot about the brand and its value and services. Content marketing automatically becomes a part of all the other types of marketing or its strategy as the content is the main thing that is represented to the customers.
  • Email marketing– It is a form of direct marketing where the emailing platform is used to promote the business and services. It can be utilized to update customers about the latest products and offers and other services. It is a good way of educating the consumers about the brand and also a good medium to keep interacting with the customers when they are not making a purchase. The advantage of email marketing to a customer is that it connects the client to the brand as they are getting a more personalized service in a much professional way. Influencer/affiliate marketing- This is a type of marketing that involves endorsements and product placement for influencers. Previously these endorsements of brands could be done by celebrities or popular people to increase the reach and connect to the consumers. But now there is a huge rise in the social media influencers who have a huge following base.
    These influencers can build trust for the brand, grow a social following, increase the site traffic, get more leads and in turn drive sales by endorsing the product and reviewing it through interactive and interesting content and posts. Influencer marketing is very cost-effective as well since they do not charge like known and popular celebrities yet giving almost similar results as they have too built their audiences over the years and hence they are called influencers.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – It is an organic process to increase and refine the quality and quantity of website traffic. SEO in some ways enhances the customer experience, drives more and more people to your site which increases brand awareness for the consumers and in turn increases conversions. SEO makes it simple for customers. SEO generally targets unpaid traffic rather than paid ones.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy?

How to Create Digital Strategy

Creating a digital marketing strategy takes a lot of analysis and study of how the market is and what the consumers’ expectations are. The most important things to keep in mind to create digital marketing strategies are:

  • To create a strategy for the consumers it is essential to think like a consumer to understand their needs better
  • Knowing what the goal of the company is and what tools are available to achieve that
  • Understanding what resources are available and planning to use them properly
  • Planning the media campaign and auditing them
  • Using the SEO service for best use as it is highly efficient for driving business to the site.

10 reasons for having a digital marketing strategy in 2021

1. A strategy gives you a better direction to follow

Having a strategy when it comes to any work gives better direction on how to go on with things in a more systematic way. It is just the same when it comes to digital marketing. All the strategies created are based on research on the market, the trends, competitors, and analyzing what the consumers wants.

These plans of action are generally very systematic, detailed, and also very adaptable. This makes sure that the strategies are very effective for the short term as well as the long term of the company. The digital marketing company do the whole work of analyzing to create a plan to achieve the goal very efficiently.

2. Increases the workflow and efficiency

The digital marketing strategy helps in a much more systematic and organized way by setting a very clear plan of action to achieve the company’s goal. It is a framework for the work that needs to be followed with the available resources and getting the maximum output through it.

3. It is much more cost-efficient

In digital marketing some ways do not work for you and going that way may result in big losses and also wasting a lot of money in the process. With a better strategy, the work will be much more in-depth and systematic which has better control over the situation and also handles all the resources more efficiently and manages the cost based on the needs in every step. Hence having a digital marketing strategy is much more cost-efficient.

4. Being ahead of your competition

A lot of research is done by a digital marketing company before a strategy is chalked out. The work includes understanding and analyzing the market and how and when to act on it to stay ahead of competitors. With a proper strategy, it will be easier to understand the trends that are in the market and how the audience responds to it and taking the opportunity to hold that area and make the most out of it.

Since there is a regular increase in the competition, it is essential to understand how the market is and how the consumers are reacting to it and act accordingly. This is where the digital marketing strategy is most needed.

5. Knowing your online audience

It is said that the digital medium is the most measurable. You can always control the online traffic, see the increase or decrease in numbers of audiences, but you can never know how the audience is feeling about the site or the products or the brand. In this situation, the digital marketing strategy helps in understanding the feelings of the consumers or audience by taking proper feedback or possibly having a feedback section on the website for recording the customers’ viewpoint and analyzing what their expectations are.

6. Increases reach

With a digital marketing strategy, it is easier to increase the visibility of the brand. Just like SEO where you can measure the traffic. SEO service also makes sure that the site is easily accessible to the audience with the correct keyword. Traditional marketing can be good for focusing on the target market but when it comes to expansion and focusing on a much different and wider group in a short amount of time, digital marketing is the right medium.

With a proper strategy, digital marketing can provide the company with new ways to attract new audiences and highlight the brand to increase brand recognition. Mediums such as content marketing, social media marketing, and search engines play a vital role to get new audiences with an effective way of interacting with them.

7. The brand becomes more interactive

A digital marketing strategy helps in communicating with the customer much more effectively. The opinions and feelings about the contents can be recorded through feedback links or a survey asking for consumer opinions and their expectations. This shows the customer that their opinions are respected and cared about. For the company, it builds a more loyal customer base and also helps to analyze what the next steps could be to target the existing and the new markets.

8. Helps in influencing

With the ever-growing importance of media like You-Tube, Twitter, Instagram, it is becoming much easier to influence the target audience and also get a new audience at a much lesser cost. Brands connect to their customer base through influencers, social shares, and the trends that are in the running. These give a face to the companies to interact with and look up to for the consumers. Through social media nowadays consumers get a proper review of the products they are looking for from the influencers who help them build trust and also long-term loyalty to the company.

9. Increasing the authority when it comes to your product

In this age of technology where it is very easy to know how a consumer feels about a product and get feedback. Also, since interactions these days have become so easy thanks to Search Engine Optimization that it is easy to get an authority on the subject. By doing that the audience will be more connected to the brand and will trust the product since they are getting an expert opinion and will likely increase conversion also the consumers come for more information and remain loyal to the brand.

10. Having a strategy helps in being adaptable in different situations

For any marketing operations, a fixed plan is followed to achieve the goals, but sometimes the situation changes and demands a different decision. It is important to be flexible at those times. With a good digital marketing strategy, it is easy to understand and look at new approaches to handle the situation or perhaps change a bit of operation to benefit the whole project and to attract a new audience.


As discussed, the digital marketing strategy is of utmost importance for any business to increase traffic and expand the audience and consumers for the company. There are huge opportunities and options available in the field. It is important to know the available resources and plan the campaigns according to that. In these times where digital marketing is essential for any business to grow and attract new audiences, it is vital to plan the digital marketing strategies in a very cautious way and put them in the best use.

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