What is The Future Scope of Digital Marketing?

Every day the world is moving towards technologies that make human lives simpler and quicker. The world today is steadily going digital. People are trying to move from the hustle of everyday life and spending more time online, for purposes of work, finding dinner locations and buying products. The internet has revolutionized peoples’ lives in every way over the last few decades and today it is one of the most essential things in a person’s life.

For businesses, this meant faster communication with their customers more effectively and measurably and hence the importance of digital marketing comes to play. There is still a prevalence of traditional marketing. However, being more interactive and measurable, digital marketing is flourishing quite fast. With the increase of technology and also the increase of the population using it, it is very likely that in the coming future of digital marketing will be one of the biggest and the most important platforms for any business.

Factors of Digital Marketing

With the increasing population of internet and digital platform users, digital marketing now is flourishing every day with ever-growing demand both for the consumers and the service provider. Digital marketing is constantly changing to adapt to the market and the audience. With the constantly changing trends, digital marketing companies are frequently trying to push their boundaries to stay on top of their game and try to expand their audience for their channel. Social media will be an even more important part of life and influencer marketing will also see growth.

There are some factors on which the future for digital marketing lies:

1. Micro influencer-

Influence marketing is a huge marketing way for a lot of companies to get a better word of mouth from someone who can connect to the mass better. But the rise and demand for it has also made it very expensive which has made it very difficult for growing businesses.

In the way the micro-influencer marketing was started where these companies hire medium-sized influencers who are influential enough to connect to the customers through the power of word yet not sponsored enough to be very expensive. This has proven to be a very good way as these medium-sized influencers can give more time to their particular audience and connect better.

2. Social Media

Social media will remain a huge platform to promote the products and services. With the rise of different applications and benefits, it is likely to be even more influential. It is, in a way, cost-efficient and the number of reach and the market is automatically higher since there is a huge variety of markets using it.

3. Voice search

Voice search has been around for a while in the market but nowadays it is becoming more of a necessity. With the growing technology, more and more voice-enabled devices are being made. As importance is growing, companies are trying to consider voice searches for their digital campaigns now. With the improvement in AI technology, voice search errors are significantly reduced.

Trends of Digital Marketing 

It is a fact that digital marketing is the most powerful way of marketing and so is the future for digital marketing. It is quite a fact that as the numbers are growing for the digital marketing users soon there will be different trends and technology that will make the future scope of digital marketing even essential for both the consumers and the providers. Some of the trends to be discussed are:

  • AI and Automation – Just like any breakthrough technology, AI is slowly becoming one of the important technologies for simplifying lives. Shortly, it will become an everyday essential just like the internet.
  • Social commerce– the main purpose of social media is business.
  • Vlogging – Video blogging is also growing and becoming a very important part of digital marketing. It has a personal touch to it and can empathise with the audience to a higher level. Video advertising and blogging can help create a strong brand image, very strong customer and business relationship.
  • Personalisation– Personalisation is a huge factor in today’s digital world. The consumers are getting the service much faster and smoothly but they might have lost some of the personal touch to it. Businesses are trying to tailor their approach to give the consumers for a more personalised experience. There is still a good amount of mass-generated content but still companies are coming up with more marketing ways and putting more efforts to connect more personally to the customers.
  • Chatbots– Chatbots have been in the market for some time now and it will remain as a prominent part in digital marketing as interacting with chatbots is easier. They are always responsive and give a more accurate response. Using chatbots in the right way will keep customers happy and will be connected to the brand. 

Future Scope of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in recent times is one of the most sought after career opportunities in the world. It is said that by 2020 the digital industry of India will produce around 20 lakh jobs. In the financial year of 2016-2017 digital marketing had just crossed the 1 billion mark. The increase in the digital marketing training institutions both resident and online and through different portals is one of the proofs of how digital marketing has a growing scope in the world.

Also with the growing businesses and their use of digital marketing, it is safe to say that the scope in digital marketing is likely to increase soon. India’s digital market valuation is supposed to reach 1 trillion by 2022. The future scope of digital marketing is very high, considering the growth of the users of the internet and other digital platforms.

For growing businesses, it means more audience and consumers for their products making it a win-win situation for everyone. For people who are seeking jobs or are moving their field to digital marketing now is the right time since the high usage has increased the high demand for manpower to handle all the traffic and increasing the growth of online consumers.

As discussed, there is also a growth of digital marketing training institutions in all forms such as colleges or the ever-growing online training systems. It has now become very easy to study, understand and become qualified for the demands that are there in the digital marketing field.

The number of businesses are also growing as more areas see increasing numbers of small businesses getting digitised due to better and increased internet access. This has created a great scope for job seekers and visionaries alike to think out of the box to understand the market to be qualified enough in the field of digital marketing.

Future of Digital Marketing in India

There is no doubt that digital marketing in India will flourish even more in the coming years. The biggest reason for this is that mobile phones and the internet are the two most basic essentials for any person for their day to day life. For every reason people go to social media sites or take suggestions from different websites, they get their everyday essentials to occasional needs online and much more.

In simpler words, digital marketing is booming in India at the moment and with the increase in the usage of everyday technologies and the internet, it is likely to grow in the future. For business, big or small want to expand their audience or customer base and increase their reach. The increase in the use of the internet and using different channels for everyday needs has created a fascinating business opportunity to sell products and services for the users. Businesses now are gradually moving from traditional marketing and going towards digital marketing because digital marketing has faster results is more effective and cost-efficient.

Several other factors are helping digital marketing in India to flourish and also to grow and become one of the primary sources of business in the future. Some of the major factors for which digital marketing will keep growing in India are –
Going digital – Small and big businesses today are preferring to go digital. The main benefit of this is that they do not have to worry about human resources as essential for physically interacting with the consumers and increasing the base. Many start-ups are launching their business through digital marketing to ease the procedures and manual work which will be more time consuming and a lot more expensive.

Digital India – Launched as a government program, this turned India into a country with a strong digital culture and has created the future of digital marketing in India at a vast pace. Because of this program, the opportunities are not only limited to the metro cities but have grown a lot in smaller towns. Employment in the digital sector has improved and increased a lot. The program has helped a large section of the population get access to the technology along with the urge to expand digitally by starting a small business online. The Digital India program has had a major role in the growing demand for digital need both for young entrepreneurs and young students. It is very safe to say that this government project has made sure that the digital market will be there for a long time to come and on growing terms.

Going global– One of the most important things that has happened through digital marketing in India is that the digitisation has helped India reach global markets. Through the likes of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, one can connect to any part of the world. There are several start-ups doing business by targeting the market of other countries.

Change from traditional to digital – Previously marketing was based on people working specifically for it and also word of mouth. It also used expensive mediums and platforms to reach and advertise its services. But now with digitisation, methods of marketing are changing. Slowly companies are turning to digital marketing as the primary way to market their services. With digital marketing, companies are getting more traffic and consumers very fast and also in a very economical way.


As discussed, digital marketing is becoming a vast field and growing hugely by the day. With changing times, people are getting more used to the technologies and using these technologies in digital marketing to increase traffic, interaction and conversion. With the growing number of businesses, the scope of digital marketing is also growing very fast as more and more people are opting for digital marketing both as a job and for their business.

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