Why is Search Engine Optimization Important for a Website?

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Many business owners know that they require Search Engine Optimization but they hardly have depth knowledge about it. This article is for those people who have heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but do not know the complete benefit of it. In this article, we have come up with every detail of Search Engine Optimization so that you can easily understand why you require it in today’s era.

With the advent of the Internet, the marketing strategy of business has drastically changed. Nowadays, the website has become one of the strongest marketing strategies for promoting any kind of brand and engaging more and more customers.

But a website works on the principle of pull and if you do not have enough in it then it will not be able to get many visitors. The biggest question is how do you tell the visitors about your website? This is where the importance of website search engine optimization lies and you have to rely on the search engines.

Nowadays whenever a customer looks for any particular product or service he or she is likely to first search for it on the Internet. Hence, the website that comes high up on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is likely to be visited by the visitor.

Again getting enough visitors to your website does not mean that your sales will be increased. In case your website does not have enough on it that can attract or engage your visitors then you will be bound to get a high bounce rate.

Most importantly the visitors who have ‘bounced’ off your website after their first visit will not likely to visit your website again and hence they will not contribute in any way to your overall digital marketing strategy.

In a research study, it was found that over 24% of websites that are created every month get more than a 60% bounce rate just after 3-4 months. In case your website falls on that 24%, then you must understand that your website is not SEO optimized and all your efforts and money you have invested in creating the website will be completely wasted.

Let’s check out some essential reasons why you need your website to be SEO optimized so that your visitor does not leave your website even without spending 60 seconds on it.

Reasons for which every website should be SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimization can increase both the quality as well as the quantity of the traffic. Apart from that, search engine optimization also becomes very essential for its greater searchability and visibility. That is the reason why every business and website owner should take the importance of mobile search engine optimization very seriously. 

The following are some essential reasons why the website of every business should be SEO optimized for taking their brand to the next level:

SEO optimization can build your brand: A brand is not built in a day and for building a brand only your services or products do not matter but what others say about your products and services also matters a lot. Hence, you need to create the content of your website in line with the necessity and interest of your customer.

That is the reason why you need to select appropriate keywords and develop engaging content for making your website optimized. Thus if you can create content in line with what you want your brand to be then the online presence of your company will certainly reflect your branding which will ultimately help you to establish your brand with your target audience.

SEO optimized website earns more traffic: The main objectives of SEO optimization is to enhance the ranking of the search engine results. The higher the rank the more you will be able to get the traffic. Once you get the traffic you can convert them into your customers and leads.

Due to SEO optimization, the traffic of the above new brand has increased from almost zero to over 1 lakh visitors. Hence if you want to get more traffic and want to accomplish your goal then the best way is to make your website SEO optimized.

Nowadays before purchasing any product or availing any services people use to search it or go through its review using the Internet on their smartphone. That is the reason why you should not also ignore the importance of mobile search engine optimization.     

Need not to pay for ad space in SEO optimization: The best thing about SEO optimization is that you do not have to pay anything for ad space. SEO can simply increase the visibility of your website and make it easier for prospective customer for finding your website when they search for the thing that you offer.

Visibility of a website is mainly related to its ranking on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and the higher the rank of your website the more your prospect is likely to see your website. The more your prospect will see your product the more will be the chances of your sales. Hence, you should always put your effort into making your website more

Creates better visitor experience: When you try to make your website SEO optimized you actually put your optimum effort in generating great content and this ultimately will help you creating a seamless and positive customer experience.

For example, if you take adequate step to make your website SEO optimized and make it responsive then it will automatically become usable for both the mobile visitors as well as those who visit from laptop or desktop.

Apart from that, while making the website SEO optimized you have to increase the page load speed of your website since it is observed that 50% of the customer leaves a website if the webpage does not load within 2 seconds. The longer the loading time of the website the higher is the bounce rate and the lower is the chance of your conversions. Hence, search engine optimization importance should never be ignored.

SEO increases the authority: Though authority is relatively a new concept in search engine optimization yet it is becoming increasingly important for the web users. If your website is authoritative it means that your website is trustworthy and has high quality as well as relevant content.

Hence, an authoritative website must have something for the visitor, and the more authority your website will have the higher will the ranking of your website in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). As a result, more and more visitors will start trusting your brand.

SEO enhances the Web traffic: One of the main objectives of search engine optimization is to increase the web traffic of the website. When web traffic will increase the visibility and ranking of the website will automatically increase.

In a research report, it was found that 33% of clicks usually go to the first ranking page of Google Search Engine in which the first five listing gets more than 75% of all clicks. Hence, if you want to get more prospects you must implement the SEO practices. Every SEO Company in Gurgaon strictly implements SEO strategies to their client’s website and hence they succeed in securing the top five positions in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and ideally number one.

Hence, if you take the advantage of SEO you have the chance to gain visitors to your website since 65% of visitors are likely to click on the top 5 links of the search engine result page. That means if you want to make reap the benefit your website needs to appear in one of the top positions of the first page of Google search engine.

Apart from that, SEO optimization is also a good practice and it can improve the user experience and usability of the website. When your website will remain SEO optimized visitors will trust your website and having a presence on the top position in SERP for the keyword that the user is searching for will automatically increase their trust.

SEO optimized website is also good for social promotion and if you need your product or service to be promoted on social media then you must go for SEO optimization. If a visitor finds your website on Google or Yahoo search engine he or she is more likely to promote your website on social media as well such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Search Engine Optimization has now become very important for the smooth running of every big website.

If your website is SEO optimized it is for sure that you will get direct or indirect benefits from it. The direct benefit of SEO optimized websites is the increased search engine traffic whereas the indirect benefit is getting a common framework to use before the content is published on the website.

Thus SEO optimized website can help you to stay one step ahead of the competition and when multiple websites are selling the same thing or are offering the same services in the same market search engine optimized website become very essential

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