10 Best Article Rewriter & Article Spinner Tools in 2020

The world of marketing is based on the contents they write and choose. In a short period, hundreds and thousands of content are created and posted by marketing companies. Marketers or hired digital marketing agencies create massive amounts of content. So, it may not be possible to check and understand what changes are needed and if it is suitable for the audience. Here the Article rewrite tools come to play.

Article rewriters are software that automatically changes a phrase of contents without changing the meaning of it. They put out different versions of the written paraphrases that need to get changed. The process in which it works is, the content is copied and pasted into the input box, which then creates an automated output which is a paraphrased content. The article rewrite software helps to create plagiarism free content.

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The Best Spinner 4.0

The Best Spinner 1

It is one of the best spinner or article rewriter tools in the market. The best spinner enables you to rewrite the content with a single click. Currently, the fourth version of this software is in use, indicating that the software has been worked on and polished to a great extent. It caters to all kinds of content creators and for SEO service and social media service.
The best spinner 4 has around 100000 active users who regard the software very highly with its rewriting abilities.

The software can create 100 versions of the content in just one go. It consists of the English thesaurus which is looked after and updated by the users making it better as it gets updated and gives even better options to different users. It has about 14 global languages which rewrite the contents. It has a text-to-speech ability which can include any audio or mp3 file.

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Spin Rewriter


This software is known to produce contents that have a human touch to it. It keeps the content’s meaning the same, having an essence of human quality through which readers or audience can connect to better. This software is considered one of the best article rewriters. It has over 150000 active users which include marketing professionals, SEO experts, bloggers, and students as well.

The Spin Rewriter consists of Emulated Natural Language technology that changes the content without altering the true meaning of the original content. It also lets you modify or spin more than one content at a time. Content making becomes much easier to compare and judge which one is better as the Spin Rewriter allows the user to compare both the original and the spun content side by side. The most powerful thing about the software is that it can create up to 1000 variations of the content in just a single go which perhaps a lot of article spinners cannot do.

Clever Spinner

CleverSpinner 1

It is known to be one of the cheapest and one of the best article rewriter tools. The artificial intelligence of the software is very advanced, which lets it produce top-notch contents. The performance of the software is very high while the price range is more reasonable than all the other software mentioned. This software is also one of the simplest to understand and use. One needs to copy-paste the content and with a click of a button, the different versions or spun content appear within seconds.

The artificial intelligence of the Clever Spinner can understand the content and its meaning before spinning them. The software is also known to be creating 100% original content, which means that the user will not get any plagiarized material or content. It contains a significant stack of synonyms, which makes it hugely authentic and unique during the spinning process. The Clever Spinner also has a good speed of processing articles.

Chimp Rewriter


This article rewriter uses both artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology which helps in analyzing the contents fast and gives a good result. This software is much more efficient and effective than other low-cost writers. The processing time is fast while creating original content. This software creates articles at the push of a button and is considered to be among the best article rewriter tools.

The thing they boast about is the speed of the processing along with the results which are very easy to read and understand. The A.I and N.L.P makes sure that the content is unique and plagiarism free. The best feature of the tool is that it supports practically all languages. The spun article generally comes refined without any of the minor mistakes that happened during the original writing.

Spinner Chief 6


The spinner chief 6 has the highest features among the other article rewriter tools. One of its features is that the content, after spinning, is robust and has emotions, making it feels like it has been written by the user. The spinner chief 6 uses both artificial intelligence and natural language analysis to understand the writing style and the meaning of the content before spinning and giving the output. It makes sure that the quality of writing is better and more refined.

Some other features of the spinner chief 6 are that it uses Statistical Replacement Technology, Parts of the speech Analysis, emulated natural language, and of course the artificial intelligence. These features understand the content and give human results. The software consists of 20 global languages. Even in this software grammar check is there to clear off the minor errors. The spinner chief 6 can make the most complex of the contents, simple and meaningful in a matter of seconds.



The WordAi is one of the easier article rewrite tools to use. It is also known to generate human-like and accurate content. It has a simple user interface so that the users can connect to it and use it with absolute ease. The software is highly efficient as the artificial intelligence in it understands the content before spinning and gives appropriate output based on that.

WordAi is running its 4th version now which has a significant difference from its previous version, as it is 150 times faster than it. The software has a unique ability to understand the concepts, ideas behind the content, and different meanings of the same word, which results in much more polished results which gives it a human touch. The software can spin a maximum of 1000 articles in a single go. It has spelling and grammar checking services known as the “perfect tense tools”.



QuillBot is a surprise package with a highly advanced article rewrite tool which provides improved performance in the free version and rewrites content as if it was written by a native English speaker. The free version has some usage and limits. The paid version has some plans that cover up all the features required to rewrite a great content or article with a character limit of about 10000 per day.

The QuillBot has five models for article rewriting and spinning that improves the understanding for the audience. It also has the word flipper feature that enables us to set how much the rewriting is required. Quillbot has its thesaurus that helps in the process of rewriting. It can be integrated into google docs or Microsoft word so that the articles can then be rewritten and spun there itself.



Spinbot is the most popular free article spinner. It has acquired a large user base of mainly starters and bloggers, students because of the free services. This article rewriting tool has a maximum character limit of 10,000. It gives an almost human-like article after rewriting.

Despite the free service, the output contents are very accurate and human-readable. It has a spinning limit of 10000 characters or about 1000 words. Spin ward provides an “ignore” feature which lets you skip particular words from spinning. There is no need to sign up or to register to use the free version of the software, but if there is a need to extend the limit and be more advanced, there is always the premium version that can be purchased. The free version often contains a little more ads and captchas, which will not be there in the paid format.

SEO tool station

SEO Tools Station

It is another one of the free article spinners. It is a brilliant tool for beginners, helping in understanding the fundamentals and rewriting contents that are readable and understandable. Even with the free service, the software gives a fast output. The spinning happens online once the content is copied and pasted in their text box.The SEO tool station does not come with any subscription plan and is free of cost for the audiences. The SEO tool station generally scans the contents and changes the words keeping the meaning the same so that it is easily understandable by the readers.

Small SEO tool Article rewriter


It is another of the free article rewriter tools which has a lot of popularity in the blogging industry and widely used for spin content and automated articles. It also contains tools required in SEO services. It changes and replaces words but keeping the meaning of the phrase the same. It is a great and ideal software for newcomers and starters in the blogging industry.

The articles generated by the software are free of plagiarism and easy to understand by the audience. This tool is used by numerous bloggers and thousands of different users, mainly because it is easy to use and also free. The software is continuously updating their tools and features so that they can provide the best to the users. This tool is a good platform for content writers and bloggers to learn and hone their skills.


As discussed above, the best possible software to go for is the Cleaver spinner not only because it is one of the best, but also because of its performance and output. With advanced AI technology, the contents that are rewritten and created are top-notch. The ability to understand the content, and producing a result according to that, gives it the edge over others as the content created by it will get more connected to the audience.

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